Sea Trouting and eBay

Posted by Craig Gannon on May 15, 2014
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Last night I had a very lame attempt at Sea Trouting down on the Ribble. It was a lame attempt as I haven’t done it before and I was setting my stall out for the real trips later on in the season.

I didn’t want to use the double hander as it seemed to be complete overkill for this, so instead I took my 9’6″ Vision 8-weight and my old faithful floating line on an old Vision Koma reel. I did however take my salmon flies as (to be honest) I don’t see the point in fishing with anything different. I can use heavy tubes, light small tubes, double hook small flies and even some small bombers if necessary, so no need for anything else really.

The rod and line was a bit of a mistake. I usually use the rod for the reservoirs double hauling a long line out – and it’s a bit of a poker. Not really suitable for a smaller river and dipping out a small tube fly using snap-t or whatever. It was also apparent that the line (about 8 years old) has seen better days. However it was a learning experience and so it was a useful trip. Next time I will take a more forgiving rod with a more through action, the Vision is too ‘tippy’ – probably the Sage Xi2 albeit possibly being a little short at only 9 foot – however I will try it and see.

I also packed up at dark, which is when you should really start, however nothing moved and it was rather like flogging a dead horse, apparently they start to run towards the end of this month and early June, however if people don’t fish for them then they don’t know when they run. I did however meet another dangler who was a really decent chap and who has been fishing the beat for years. That was invaluable as I learnt so much about the river and the runs at different heights – all of which has been filed away for future.

My trips to the Ribble have not been too successful yet, however that’s salmon and sea trout fishing, it’s not a case of bagging up on brown trout every trip – and is very much a huge learning experience.

Next step for me is going through my lines and rods and matching it all up for future – I may even get rid of some on ebay as I have so many that are not and will never be used. The Koma reel was pretty crap though, over-ran twice with the drag slipping. That’s a lesson that I have learnt before – it will be going as soon as I can get the line off and get it listed.

About time I thinned out the gear and recouped some cash!

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