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In Search of A Rising Tide

What began as a fishing film about the pursuit of a world record Bonefish on a fly rod, ended up a document for the preservation of a fishing culture and the ecosystem that created it.

The Bonefish Culture of Andros Island, Bahamas has not been experienced directly from a native Bahamian’s point of view — until now. Filmmaker Jamie Howard does this by hitching a ride on a boat bow, setting up impromptu interviews on lobster crates, and driving the roads of the Bahamas’ least explored island.

Imagine a bonefishing trip with two of the best guides in the world. Then, just for fun, tell them that you want to find a trophy sized fish over ten pounds. A fish as hard to find as it is to land. In what may be the first saltwater journey completely from a native guide’s point of view, you’ll track big Bonefish, known for their speed in equal measure to their wary disposition. And discover how Andros Island’s unique Bonefish culture, as some have come to call it, shaped the guide’s hearts and minds for the challenge.

In my view this is quite simply the best Bonefishing film ever made!

Chasing Silver

What is this obsession? What is this fish? It is our mission to find out. We show tarpon fishing at its highest level and do it with the best images to date.
This documentary film takes viewers from the hand lines and row-boat of A.W. Dimock in the 1880’s to the fly rods and flats skiffs of today’s greatest tarpon fisherman.

Chasing Silver follows the most accomplished men (and women) anglers in the world, who have devoted their lives to chasing the mysterious tarpon. They share the oral history of the sport – and personal techniques used to convince trophy tarpon to eat a fly.

We take viewers from Islamorada, Florida to the Gulf Coast and down to The Keys. As we hitch our ride on the bow, wel follow a fish that breeds obsession, but still remains a mystery as it disappears and re-appears along the Florida coast in vast numbers each year. We share the thrill (and the absurdity) of convincing a tarpon to eat, the impossibility of getting one to stay on, and the pro’s secrets for bringing the jumping bruisers to the boat – in a time thought to be impossible on a fly rod 20 years ago. Along the way we find out how we can ensure the rare and fragile ecosystems of Florida continue to host the ultimate game fish in a thriving environment…forever.

This is truly an astonishing film!

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A sensational film whatever, the fact that it revolves around fly fishing is a bonus!

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