Fly Tying #1


Tying Emergers
Covers everything that you need to know (and things that you don’t)! Klinkhammer Special? This book explains the many varied methods and patterns for tying – basic techniques, special techniques and over 200 patterns.

Tying and Fishing The Nymph
One of the modern classics – this is essential for any nymph fisherman – explaining what they are, what they do, how they do it, how you to imitate them, tie them and fish them.

The Art of Tying The Nymph
Covers the rest.

Tying Small Flies
The title speaks for itself – detailed hints and tips for tying those tiny flies, explaining best materials, threads etc.

Oliver Edwards Fly Tyers Masterclass
The revolutionary in tying realistic killer flies. I cannot praise the man and this book enough – 20 patterns to kill those trout and grayling – he lives near me too!

Mayflies – Top To Bottom
In the US they think that they know more about the Mayfly than we Brits – this describes the various types and gives clear detailed descriptions of how to tie them showing some of the more innovative materials in use today.

The Fly Tying Bible
100 deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-Step Photographs. A fantastic collection of patterns with full tying instructions and full-colour images.

Bob Church;s Guide to New Fly Patterns
Over 400 fly patterns for Salmon, Sea Trout and Grayling.
Full colour photos with patterns and fishing tips.

Saltwater Flies
Very good patterns and some great ideas.

Saltwater Fly Patterns
Ignore Lefty Kreh at your peril.

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