Salmon Fishing – Hugh Falkus
An essential guide for any Salmon fisherman – if you only have one Salmon fishing book – this should be it.
Written by somebody who knows his subject , and knows how to get his message across.

Speycasting – A New Technique
Classic Falkus Book on the ‘new technique’ of Speycasting – a collectors item.

Sea Trout Fishing – Hugh Falkus
Not as great as his Salmon bible – but nevertheless a great book about the mystical Sea Trout.

Flies For Salmon
Salmon Fly Tyers Bible by Chris Mann

Hairwing and Tube Flies for Salmon
The other Chris Mann Salmon Fly Tyers Bible

Shrimp and Spey Flies for Salmon
This more or less clears up the Chris Mann set.

Spey Flies – How to Tie Them
Simple and easy to understand.

Smoking Salmon and Trout
Using a Smoker that is: I love smoked fish – and this is all that I use.

Salmon Fishing in The Yemen
Just a fantastic book – Salmon? Yemen?

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