Matching The Hatch
An essential guide – even if you aren’t into insects it lets you understand how fly patterns and colours match the flies that you will see on the water (and those that you won’t see below the water).

The Art of the Wet Fly
Wet Fly Fishing – all you need to know – great for our Northern rivers and much under-estimated – my all time go-to fly – the Waterhen Bloa

Understanding Trout Behaviour
By the same author of ‘The Trout and the Fly’ this paperback is a slimmed down version of the bigger book. – Written initially for the US market it is a fantastic insight into trout behaviour and catching them.

Pocket Guide to Matching The Hatch
The anglers pocket reference to the insects of the rivers and lakes – how to identify them and choose the matching artificial.

Trout Hunting – The Pursuit of Happiness
Bob hails from the US and now lives in Scotland. This is one of the most enjoyable reads about trout fishing that I have ever read, with some fantastic methods and imitations. This book is a must have (why hasn’t Bob written 100’s of books?)

Nymphs and The Trout
Another angling Bible. Famous for his Killer Bug and Pheasant Tail Nymphs this chap was an angling genious.

The Pursuit of Stillwater Trout
For those of you that can remember – this book took reservoir and lake fishing for trout by the short and curlies and explained the things that 90% of us didn’t know. This is a must for any serious trout fisherman.

The Trout and The Fly
Simply a stunning book and really feeds your fishing brain.

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