About The Store

The Czech Nymphs mission is to bring you the best products, flies, books and tackle that you would hope to use to catch Trout, Grayling and Salmon, Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon and whatever else you want to fly fish for.

All of the products, tackle, books, materials etc have all been used and endorsed by ourselves and our friends and colleagues. There is nothing on the site that I would not use myself (and I use them now).

All of the tying materials used are used by myself to tie good, quality and effective flies. Too often angling stores just sell for the sake of selling, and leave the choice of quality to the angler or to pot luck – not here! – If it’s not good (and has not been used and approved) then you will not find it on the site.

I hope that you appreciate that angling is about enjoyment and confidence in yourself and your tackle. I hope that we can take some of that confidence on board for you – and leave you to so what we all like doing best – catching fish, meeting friends, enyoying the countryside and having fun.

Tight Lines to you all and we hope that you use the site, store and information as you feel fit.

All of the holidays and trips that you will find here have been personally vetted by ourselves, if we didn’t like it, find it value for money or enioy the experience and the fishing – you won’t find it on the site.

Just a final note for you about prices. We endeavour to make our prices as competitive as possible. Unfortunately the retail market in all goods has in some cases fixed retail prices that our suppliers will not let us undercut. Where we can – we will do so, but where we can’t then our hands are tied and we will try to obtain alternative quality goods from other suppliers. – We hope that you appreciate our honesty – and we hope that you will come back as often as you can.

Craig Gannon

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