Deer Oh Deer

Posted by Craig Gannon on May 16, 2014
General Musings, Trout

What a beautiful day today, unfortunately I was working for the best of it, but managed to sneak down the river after tea for a few hours. Actually I stayed until 9:30 and almost dark – but that’s not what this is about. Caught a few, lost a few, but the main news was that I met a new friend for the first time ever down the river….
…. As I was fishing in the middle of the river I heard a rustle on the far bank, and looked up straight into the eyes of a young Roe Deer. It was just staring at me, so I stopped and stared back. What seems like minutes but must only have been seconds, it obviously wasn’t worried as it slowly turned and walked off parallel to the bank before it disappeared into the trees.

I’ve heard of them being there for some time but I’ve never seen them before, until tonight.

A few days ago I saw an otter, tonight a deer, I wonder what next?

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