Just Passing Some Time

Posted by Craig Gannon on May 10, 2014
General Musings, Salmon, Trout

The good old British Summer is starting with typically random weather. For weeks we have had cold East winds which have inevitably pushed the fish down, which in turn has pushed the fisherman down. However being a beast of unfashionable form I have still turned out with some mixed results.

The fishing has been hard. The lowest catch returns for early season for years. Only last weekend where the wind was from the South did it really switch on and I had amongst other things a cracking over wintered wild Brownie well over 2 pounds which was great fun and really put the elbow to the test.

A few days earlier I ventured up to the Eden at Penrith where I was surprised but pleased to see some salmon moving. Didn’t catch any of course but that’s only half the point – it was a great experience on a truly lovely river. The hundreds of Iron Blues coming off too gave the trout a great meal and an hour with the 4-weight was great fun.

One thing that was encouraging to see was the numerous nymph life. Masses of caddis and nymphs under and on stones was great to see. Talking to the Ghillie it seems that the Signal Crayfish has not hit the Eden yet whereas the Wharfe has a huge Signal Crayfish population and the nymph life is minuscule in comparison. I assumed that this USA beast was a major cause and this seems to back this theory up. How can we get rid of them from UK waters? We probably cannot now but if we don’t do something our rivers will all change for the worse.

But back to the weather. It’s poured down for the last 36 hours. The Ribble is running up 2 feet and is brown, and there’s no signs of it dropping at the moment. However if it starts to clear I shall give it a bash – tomorrow.

Still looking for the first salmon of the season…..

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