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Posted by Craig Gannon on April 30, 2014
General Musings

Weird really – since I opened up the blog again I feel obliged to post on it, the problem is that I’ve nothing really to say. Since I started it up again there’s been nothing really of any import to share with you, other than I’ve had the right elbow operation and although it’s pretty sore it’s working well.
I supposes that in itself that’s newsworthy, not that I’ve had an op, but the side effects from it.

You see if I use my arm (stop snikkering back there) it hurts. So basically I try to keep my right elbow still and don’t bend it. Of course that has it’s effects, shaving, brushing the teeth, other bathroom activities etc (and quite ominously holding a pint or getting my wallet out – again NO SNIKKERING!). But it’s had a great after effect …casting.

My friend and local river keeper Mark suggested to me some weeks ago that it would be ok – I doubted him – but he was spot on! Now my casting has no elbow-bending leverage and as a result is far cleaner and concise. The D loops are better formed, the ‘twist’ that I’ve been imparting has almost gone and the timing has improved. End result: better presentation, no arm ache and more variation in styles (I’ve not done as many Snap-T and Roll casts in my life). I have a far better understanding of the importance of the anchor point which I now know is so fundamental that I can’t believe that I put so much effort in before to compensate for piss-poor technique.

Of course my mate Jim would say ‘well done mate’ but I know that I can do far better – so that’s me this season now. Forget the fish and concentrate on the casting. This is helped (I think) by my regular use of a 10-weight 10-foot shooting head salmon kit which I’ve also been using quite a lot. For the first time I’m actually starting to break my cast down and think about what I want to do, and based upon the wind and conditions vary the mechanics.

I openly admit that I’m a pretty bad caster of a fly line. However this time next season that may have changed.

All because of a pretty painful elbow operation.

Every cloud ……………

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