It’s Been A While

Posted by Craig Gannon on April 21, 2014
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I don’t know what’s been happening but I seem to have neglected this blog, so much in fact that it’s been lying here, dusty and unloved, for nearly 9 months.

Time to dust it off – but where do I start?

News ………
My right arm is currently recovering from a small Op, I hope to be casting again towards the end of next week (unless Mrs G imposes a blanket ban). Acute tennis elbow, an end result of my day job (IT), my hobbies (fly tying and fly fishing), and driving. Prognosis is good.

I have managed to become a member of the a Yorkshire Fly Fishing Club, a club which has a lot of salmon water, hence I shall probably be running down my trout this year and spending far more time there.

Kids both at Uni – huge financial burden – who said that it would free up personal time? Nonsense!

This years trips? Nine so far, possibly Russia in October, but this being me and my better half’s 50th years probably not.

I will try to throw myself more into some proper fly tying, I have been slowly gearing myself up, and will be trying some tube flies for the first time.

Lastly for now, last year’s returns:

Bolton Abbey
Trips: 14, Trout: 54, Grayling: 0, Average per trip: 3.9
Trips: 13, Trout: 59, Grayling: 2, Average per trip: 4.7

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