Keeping At Arms Length

Posted by Craig Gannon on August 13, 2013
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You may have noticed that I’ve not posted for weeks – there is a reason!
Since returning from Cuba it’s been a mixed bag of days and weeks. For a start I once again realised that my casting was less that great, so I invested in an essential casting lesson which didn’t just identify the errors, but also provided solutions. However the solutions can only be applied by practice practice practice, and my problem is that I get embroiled in my fishing and forget to apply what I should be doing. However there was some good news, Jim (probably the best casting tutor in the world) quickly ironed out my double handed casting – which means that its all great for the salmon fishing, but I only do it a couple of times a year.

Anyway I digress.

Since returning from Cuba we have experienced the most amazing summer weather that we have had for many years. Fortunately I managed to get some decent sessions in, but they were getting more painful every day. You see I have been suffering from Tennis Elbow in both elbows, and believe me it is NOT what a fly fisherman wants. So, a few weeks ago I had surgery on my left elbow. This has meant that I have been unable to fish for weeks and have been waiting for the green light from the consultant. I was given that green light 2 weeks ago, so since then I have been out twice. In fact as I sit here typing this in on my iPad, it’s after 3 hours fishing in one of my favourite spots. Tonight I tried a new technique and a different set of flies, and I absolutely hammered the fish, catching 10 trout, 4 between 2 and 3 pounds, but now I can tell you that I am suffering – little Miss ibuprofen will be with me tonight as I go to bed.

That’s not all however. The previous week I took the opportunity to walk some of the lengths that I have never fished – and I learnt a hell of a lot, in fact it was probably the most useful 3 hours I have spent as I now am aware of some cracking runs and beats which I have never even seen before. I also saw some great sights, one of which was was an otter which was totally oblivious of me.

It’s been a bit of a turning point for me. I am far more comfortable with my fishing, and have been able to determine which clubs I will continue with next season and which I will ditch. I’ve also recognised that I need to improve my casting technique, and will take on more lessons until I get it all ironed out. I’m comfortable knowing that everybody casts with a different style, but also recognise that irrespective of that the basics have to be correct – and that means that I must improve.

Finally, I’ve also reached a point that has made me realise that walking and researching the river may seem like a waste of a possible fishing trip, but actually makes the rest of the trips more effective.

I suppose that I’m growing up a bit.

I will leave you with some stats as I may not be making many more tips down the river for some time as I let my elbow repair – so far this year 22 trips down the river, with a total of 90 fish which means an average of 4 per trip. I can live with that.

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