At Least the Snow Has Gone (nearly)

Posted by Craig Gannon on April 13, 2013
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And so it’s trip 2 of the season and off to Barden Bridge. I have been planning to wet a line again but it’s been too bloody cold with a strong East wind – and I may be mad – but not that mad – so I’ve stayed at home and done a bit of gear maintenance instead.
But now we’ve had a shift of wind for 2 days and its reached the heady heights of 7 degrees, almost sweltering for 2013. I’ve stocked up on a few key flies and managed to do the jobs that needed doing, so (after the burglar alarm man had finished) I changed into my smart fishing gear with lots of layers and set off to the river.

It was so cold still I couldn’t believe it. Not a fly in sight and not a fish visible either. Nevertheless I won’t be beaten so I set up a Waterhen Bloa and fished the swim below Barden Bridge. 10 minutes later a fine Brownie in the net.

An Overwintered Brownie.jpg

Then I moved upstream to find another intrepid angler freezing to death working downstream nymphs. He had seen 1 fish and raised a couple. A hour later he was gone. I persevered and fished for another 2 hours, raising 3 and losing 1, but I didn’t see a single rise or see a fly come off the water.

To be honest I was so cold (and the rain came on) I stopped enjoying it. Nothing to see and really the only thing of any use was me trying to work the Snap-T, which I succeeded in doing to a reasonable degree, so not a complete waste of time. It was so cold though that I just had to surrender and retreat to the car and get the heaters on.

So here we are, mid April and just managed 2 trips to the river. No more in sight either unless the weather makes a significant change and warms up. What should I care anyway? Off to Vegas in a few days and it should be a damned sight warmer there. I may pay a visit to the Bass Pro shop (huge fishing megastore that sells the most amazing range of gear) and I’ve already got some gear being delivered to the hotel in advance. Also in 6 weeks time I am off Cuba, so I think that I will just accept the fickle fate of the local conditions and start the real trout season in June.

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