Happy New Season 2010

Posted by Craig Gannon on February 25, 2010
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Whilst I just grab a few minutes of free time, I thought that I’d add to the current sense of building anticipation for the soon to be New Trout Season 2010!
For one I’m looking forwards to the start in March. Not exactly wishing the weeks away, but as I drove over the Wharfe yesterday I couldn’t but feel sorry for the poor fish that will soon be subjected to my onslaught! In reality they will probably get off Scott Free as I will either (a) not go; or (b) blank! But as a token of complete big-headedness let me self-indulge please!
This weekend I will be doing my preparation, cleaning and greasing the reels, checking the lines, adding new braided loops, going through the waistcoat and checking the inventory of attachments and leader materials, and then, finally, checking the flies.
What is it about flies? The start of the season dictates a certain set up on our North of England rivers, and there’s also the set of basic standards such as the nymphs and klinks,  but they are always singularly absent from the fly boxes at the start of the new season.
Hence the bumper sales for online fly stores and fly materials, and I shall probably fit into that same category as no matter how much you have in the fly tying box, there’s never quite enough.

Fo me this time I shall be concentrating on tying up a good selection of North Country Spiders, notably the Partridge and Orange (and Yellow), the Waterhen Bloa, Snipe and Purple, and a few variations on the theme of my own, followed by the bead-head nymphs, Olive, Pheasant Tail and Hare’s Ear. Then (of course) I shall get the knee-shakes – should I also buy a few new small klinks? – Probably! But then they will have to last all of the season so I shall stock up on different sizes of the favoured patterns. But then what about the F-Fly – Yes – that did well last season, so some more of them, and then the CDC emergers – yes them too, and then the small duns, the caddis larvae, the heavy-weights for the fast water, the sub-serface nymphs, you get the picture. And then (of course) the Czech Nymphs.

What will I be doing this weekend? – Fly Tying and running up a shopping list.

What will you be doing?

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