Seems like an Eternity

Posted by Craig Gannon on October 15, 2012
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I cannot believe that the trout season is over – and that it has been such a very poor year. From such a superb opening day where the river and weather were perfect the season has degenerated into floods, floods and more floods. I have nearly expected to see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come riding down the river bank as it has been so bad. In fact since I took up the sport again in earnest some years ago it has been the worst year’s fishing that I can ever remember.
I am sure that this has been the case not just here in the North West of England but also all over the country. Back in June I fished the Beauly in Scotland for 3 days. The river was devoid of water – only being saved by the feed from the dam, then as we drove back to England, over the rest of the great Scottish salmon rivers, the same was reflected there – bear river beds. As we drove south it started to rain. It’s not stopped since.
The jubilee celebrations went off with a damp bang, cold (in June!!) and wet. Luckily the Olympics had more luck, the rain kept away for most of them, as soon as they finished the Arks came out again.
So here we are in October. My fishing returns for the season total a grand total of 24 trips to the river. Normally there would at least a ‘1’ in front of that.
I am now looking out of e window at the rain outside, wondering if next week’s trip to the Tweed will be washed off or not. We have only 3 days, and if it rains hard (last week the river was up by 4 feet) we may as well stay in the hotel and drink Scotch.

Hopefully this has just been at atmospheric glitch and next year will be glorious (or at least fishable) – we can only wait and see. For me the season starts again today. Salmon, some Grayling fishing perhaps, and a summer Cuba trip. Between now and then a lo can happen, so I intend to make the most of it – if it would only stop raining!!!!

Tweed daily blog to follow a week today. Bars of silver would be nice to report!

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