A Beautiful Day

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 26, 2012
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What more could a person ask for. This balmy Spring has brought with it the finest opening day of the trout season that I can remember for many years. Facebook is going potty with the reviews of this opening day. The sun had his hat on, and it was without doubt a Hip HipHip Hoorah day!

No pictures to show, but as the clocks went forwards on Sunday morning it meant that the opening morning was chilly and foggy as I set up at Barden Car Park ready to head upstream to the ABBAC beats ( remembered that I would avoid Bolton Abbey this season if I could ). Thankfully most of the rest of the world had avoided changing their clocks so it was very quiet, in fact I was the only person on the river as I set up a small black ribbed spider on my 2-weight, remembering how to set up the rod (I’ve not cast a line for trout since September).

The mind can play strange tricks so I had the first few casts on a run that’s traditionally devoid of fish, just so that I wouldn’t lash the water to a foam on my first casts. Yep! The roll was working (no back casting here) – so I sneaked upstream to only snag a fish second run through.

Now I’m not a champion angler by any means, but it was almost perfect, fly fished well, slight mist over the water and still a bit of a chill to the morning air, and not a soul in sight. It was a nettable fish too, so as I snook him back (a fully finned well overwintered wild brownie) I just wondered if it could not get any better.

Well it did, because as the morning went on (I was back home by 1:30), the sun came up, the temperature rose quickly and the fish started coming up for the dry fly. First day of the season and fishing a dry Greenwells catching wild brownies. Can the world get any better?

By 11 the usual suspects started to appear, lots of walkers with their dogs (kept them under control thank heavens) and as the sun rose the other anglers started to appear; more than I’ve seen on the river for a long time. So as usual I snook off to fish the runs that are more secluded, and 10 fish layer decided to call it a day.

It doesn’t matter how many I caught (it helps of course), but what does matter is that it was the finest opening day of the season that I can remember. The week is billed to continue in the same vein, so for those that are retired or having a week off then there’s really no option but to get back out their. As for me? Well I may sneak a couple of days off – time to reorganise the work diary I think!

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