Cuba – Day 2

Posted by Craig Gannon on May 09, 2011
Cuba, General Musings

Once again the scourge of sleep has visited and I’ve been awake from 3 am. I suppose that the beer and Rioja didn’t help, but it wasn’t a mad night and I suppose that it’s the general lack of sleep that causes the problems.
Bad news last night though – mozzies in the room! The slightest buzz had me wide awake and from then on slapping everything that moved. However it’s a room change today – I hope that the new room is ok – the Cubans haven’t yet understood tourism so it’s a case of live and let live – but it doesn’t make it a place where you would love to come back to.

The general consensus yesterday was that the place needs another 4 years before it can really step up to the mark. The simple reason is that the guides simply don’t know the water well enough and need some more experience behind them. They are friendly enough and do all the guide things, but today will be a test as Bonefish are off the menu. Also I’m not the most experienced saltwater angler, but I could spot the fish as well as if not better that he could. However Rafael (Rafa) gets a second chance today.
5 am. Ready for a shower and day 2 beckons.

Day 2 came and went with a whimper rather than a bang. No fish on the boat, a howling wind and sight fishing and casting was near to impossible. However I am beginning to wonder if the guides have any Plan B. They certainly seem to not have the experience nor understand the waters as well as they should. I am beginning to think that Casa Romano is a bit of a damp squib.

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