Cuba – Grand Beginnings

Posted by Craig Gannon on May 09, 2011
Cuba, General Musings

So, after a 91/2 hour flight that was delayed by 2 hours our fine band of explorers finally landed in the Cuba. After a complete grilling by customs and searching of the hand luggage the general Bedlam of baggage claim was negotiated and, with amazingly all luggage intact the four of us were greeted by our contact for onwards delivery to the lodge.

The 3 and a half hour journey was (to say the least) an eye opener, and considering hat the roads varied from dirt track to 2-lane blacktop it was a relief that we negotiated hundreds of bicycles, horses and carts, lorries and ancient caddilacs to actually arrive at Casa Romana lodge.

It has to be said that the sights were truly an eye-opener, and sharing the lack of wealth is not possibly the best way to run a country, but at least I suppose it’s no different from many of the other places that I’ve been to. After all, who am I to judge when I live in a country that has massive opposites in terms of the wealthy and the very homeless and poverty-stricken. Still it’s somewhat strange to see the run-down farmsteads and homes as we make the long journey from airport to lodge. Will I have a different view at the end of the week? Possibly not as now we are firmly in the tourist world of what is allegedly the best saltwater fishing around.

This is a new destination, and so there’s little to compare it to. The staff (all but one) speak only Spanish, so I can see that being interesting as the week goes on, and to say that the lodge is rather primitive is a bit of an understatement. As I sit here in bed I am wondering when there will be enough water to flush the loo and clean my teeth (not at the same time), and I am not looking forwards to the 5:30 call to prepare for the days fishing (it 3 am as I write this – body clock completely goosed for the time being).

It’s possibly unfair to declare the old sugar plantation lodge either good or bad for now, as after a long journey a view can easily be prejudiced, and the fishing may make up for it, so I will post a second opinion tomorrow.

As yet no mobile signal, so all of the posts may appear all at once. We will have to see if there’s any magic available to get these on the web.

Day 2 musings tomorrow, so far it may be a difficult week based upon the accommodation only.

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