Why I Love ……..

Posted by Craig Gannon on August 27, 2010
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………. my life, my iPad, Mother Nature, the wonderful English weather, my family and water.

My life – I am so lucky in that I can take time off within reason and escape from the hubbub of humanity and disappear down to the river. Ok – when not in work the money isn’t forthcoming, but there’s far more to life than work and I intend to make the most of the time that I will have here.

My iPad – because I am a complete boys toys chappie and it makes life so easy just to switch it on, check my email and write this blog entry.

Mother Nature – without whom life would be so boring, stagnant and stale. It’s she that provides the spectacular backdrop to my life here in the Yorkshire Dales and it is she that provided such a glorious day without a breath of wind. Truly a marvellous late August day. Thankyou.

The Wonderful English Weather – because when it’s good it’s fantastic and probably the best place in the world. Ok we all hate it when it’s cold, wet, windy (and I’ve had a pop at it here before today) and we don’t like the evenings drawing in, but when it’s like it has been today on the 27th of August the year of Our Lord 2010 it is possibly perfect (ok its not a billion degrees but bits comfortable, still and the sun is shining. Perfect!

My Family – because they put up with me and my fixation on fishing and water. They all know by now that I’m a complete looney and they are used to finding my notes on the kitchen table which always read a variation of ‘Gone Fishing!’ – I have missed birthdays, wedding anniversaries (brave I know) and countless meals whilst I have disappeared to my watery world.

Water – well you know why. I am drawn to it whether it be rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs or the sea. It’s always fascinated me and of course it holds those elusive fish.

Life is good.

Things that I don’t like though are Simms Waders. They should be the best in the world, but the reality is that mine leak like tea bags. Another pair? Or a repair?

Picture courtesy of the gorgeous Sue Beerling

2 Comments to Why I Love ……..

  • My name is Simms and I’d like to offer you a new pair of waders, (if only you hadn’t left them out where the mice can eat them they’d be alright) but unfortunately we are out of your size at the moment, sorry!
    By the way where is the credit for the photo of the heather taken by my wife? She is very put out