The Last Day

Posted by Craig Gannon on June 25, 2010
Belize, General Musings

The birthday came and went with a whimper. The wind had changed to the North-east and the clouds had rolled in. The boat sped off to Permit Cove but it was impossible to spot anything at all. Dion the guide thought that as the wind had changed and the water was far more choppy that the Permit were all staying out in deep water.
With a heavy heart (sounds tragic) we sped off for a day in search of Tarpon.
9 hours later David and I had cast hundreds of times to dozens of Tarpon. As Dion put it – ‘Man – those fish just don’t want to eat no fly’!

So a fishless day.

The last day on the water today. – last night it poured down, it’s windy and cloudy. Oh No!

2 Comments to The Last Day

  • I koop posting comments bu twhen I look they are not on here. Sorry you had such a duff day, I wen tot the Wharfe yesterday afternoon, full of people and hot as hell, car parks full had to fish below th ePriory where the boy drowned, has two depsite the stone throwers!
    Safe trip home. danglingnext week?

  • So where is the retrospective summing up blog on this trip to Belize? I was seeking a philisophic review of whether it was value for money and what you learned and a summary of fish caught with photos. So far nothing, back to the Wharfe, did you do any good tonight?