The Start of Day 4 – Fishing Belize

Posted by Craig Gannon on June 23, 2010
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Its been a couple of days since I updated the blog – I had great plans to do a daily diary – but general tiredness prevailed so instead here’s a short but sweet update at 5:31 am on Wednesday.

The fishing is fantastic – a true mixed fishery with options for the Grand Slam every day. Myself and David have purposely NOT targeted the bonefish as we want to get that elusive Permit and then on for the Tarpon. As a result we have not been boating hundreds of fish, but instead have been flogging the water, in some cases to no avail, but in others with great success.

Typical example was yesterday morning where we were surrounded by literally hundreds of Permit – more than I have ever seen in my life. We emptied the fly boxes at them but after 2 hours just could not get a take even though the flies were covered dozens and dozens of times. The guide was ready to jump in and grab one, but instead we moved on. Perhaps today.

That was one if the highlights, another was David on day 2 catching his biggest ever Tarpon, a baby of 40 pounds which I tried to better yesterday by hooking into one over 6 feet long. After fitting this 100 pound fish for an hour, the reel handle snagged on my shirt and it was off. If it had not I am sure that we would have boater the beast. My shoulder still aches and I reckon that you have to be fit to be a Tarpon fisherman – those fish are as strong as a Ox.

Another major highlight is playing with a school of 5 dolphin which wouldn’t leave us as they twirled and sounded around their baby. Just marvellous.

I will post the piccies when I get back, for now it’s breakfast and then on the water for 7:15. More cloud today and a little breeze, spotting the fish will be harder – but off we go!

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  • I thought I’ll just log on to see if you’ve published anything since new Yorka dn enjoyed the tall tales very much. Good job you had the doctor fix your dodgy arm before you went but can you please show a picture of a “Permit” what does it look like?
    Hope you had a good birthday with lots of takes.
    Off to bed now