The Long Haul and The Big Apple

Posted by Craig Gannon on June 19, 2010
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A bit different from the Double Haul here we are with the Long Haul.
Airlines seem to have no idea about what’s convenient and what’s not so the nice chaps at Continental saw fit to put an extra leg in the journey to Belize. We were looking forwards to a relaxing overnight in New York followed by a sensible timed leg from Newark to Belize City. But instead we have had to get up at the crack of dawn to get from Newark to Houston and get to Belize from there.
No matter though, two lovely ladies at the Newark check-in desk, one a native New Yorker, the other a native Gaswegian have seen fit to bump us up to the next grade where possible and where not get some fantastic extra legroom seats for us. Betty and Josephine we love you!

Of course the Yanks seem to love the British accent, so my broad Yorkshire/Lancashire followed by David’s Queens English are a big help. They didn’t help us out much yesterday in the City, but the folks of New York were far too busy to worry about where we were from, just getting on with life.

So there we were yesterday, with an afternoon to file in New York City. A prolonged train ride from Newark International to Penn Station brought us out next to Madison Square Garden.

I must be very naive, as I thought that MSG would be in it’s own space surrounded by lush greenery, instead the site for some great concerts, boxing matches and other things is slap bang in the heart of New York surrounded by the rest of the streaming metropolis. That’s what you get for being a Brit where space in cities is different from that of New York City.

(I will slip the picture in later)

First impressions of New York? A bit strange. The city has no real structure as the buildings look like they have just been thrown in with no regard for the surroundings, – a small church dwarfed by department stores and the odd sky scraper, all with different finishes and architecture seems at odds with what we are used to in London, but I presume that it’s a throwback to how the city has grown over the last 200 years.

My lasting impressions?

Busy, disorganised, Yellow Cabs, noise, big.

Next stop Houston and then Belize City with a boat ride to Turneffe Flats.

Until then . . . . . .

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  • I was expecting tall tales of the Belize one’s that got away but only got tales of tall buildings! Maybe you have no wifi there. Weather here wonderful, got up at 0430 on the shortest night and fished early. Fourth cast was into a fish, this looked promising, after three more hours no more fish so went back to bed! You are missing nothing, will try again tomorrow. JB