This Tropical Climate

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 26, 2010
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There’s me, getting all excited about the new season – so much so that tomorrow I have planned to take a friend out on his very first fly fishing trip. I have it all worked out as well. I’ve sorted out my Sage 4-weight for him, my spare (but very well preserved) set of waders, boots, waterproof wading jacket and waistcoat with his own set of flies, leaders, snips and the rest. I have my courtesy river ticket dusted off and have him all ready to buy his rod licence day ticket online. I’ve even got some small lengths of material ready to tie on as pretend flies whilst he learns to cast. What a professional! What a dipstick!

We are going to sort out the final arrangements tonight in the pub, he over a pint of stout and me over my cider.

That’s where it’s all gone wrong! Too much planning and the cider has addled my brain. To think that it would all go well and that we would have a splendid day with Nigel catching his very first Brown Trout on the fly. I’m sure he would you know! I like to think that I’m no mug and that I could get him to tempt the fish from the right spot on the river before the end of the day.

Then I forgot about the tropical climate here in Yorkshire. It’s absolutely hosed it down on and off for the last 24 hours and the Wharfe is very similar to the lower stretches of the Amazon in the monsoon season. Chocolate brown and running through at a million miles an hour! Not ideal for a first day out, in fact not ideal for any man of even intermediate sanity!

Nigel may be totally chuffed as he can now have a lie in on Saturday morning and get over tonight’s stout. He may also be very secretly pleased that he doesn’t have to put up with me for the day. But me? I’m gutted as I can’t wait to get back out there and I know that he would have loved it. Honestly – he would – and he may even have taken it up! I’m determined to get him out there but next time no big planning – I shall just drive up to his house and abduct him from under Rachel’s nose. Before he will know it he will be stood up to his nether regions in cold water lashing the water to a foam.

Perhaps next week! I will let you know!

(almost forgotten what a trout looks like – here’s something to jog the memory)

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