2015 Beckons – Mice Beware

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 24, 2015

The trout season starts tomorrow, and the salmon season has been open for a few weeks. so it’s all get ready for this year’s onslaught.

True to form I will be venturing out down the Wharfe as soon as possible, and planning a trip to the Eden at Langwathby on Sunday, but (almost destined wasn’t it) the weather is planning gales and rain. 

However, a subtle twist to this year, Mice + Fishing Gear = Disaster. The evil little buggers had found a home in my garage. Therefore bye bye Simms Chest Waders and Bye Bye Snowbee wading jacket.

There is now so much poison in the garage that (provided that you can dance around the traps) make it is now a very un-rodently  place. Long may it stay that way. All the gear is now stowed away in mouse-proof containers, not pretty but very practical. If only I can remember where everything is?

Here we go !!!!!!!

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