Change of trout venue – I forgot !

Posted by Craig Gannon on September 07, 2014
General Musings, Salmon, Trout

This morning I decided to pack a few pieces of gear and get myself down the Ribble with a view to possibly switching to the Wharfe after a few hours. I intended to take the 6-weight so I could switch to salmon flies if any of the silver buggers decided to show, but when I got there I’d packed 2 4-weight rods. So I took the longer one and geared up for some trout fishing.

In retrospect I should have given it the 2 hours I intended and then moved, but it was such a glorious day after the early mist cleared that I stayed and fished for trout on the Ribble.

End result, 8 trout, 2 grayling and 2 dace. To be fair only one of the trout was any size, but after finding the right fly it was good sport.

The river has a fair run of salmon in, but they aren’t showing, however that’s the last trout fishing there for now as there’s probably 5-6 weeks left to get some salmon, so I am going to really try to winkle one out. After that it’s some grayling on the Wharfe.

Enjoyable day, lots of expectation for the coming weeks.

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