Back to Basics

Posted by Craig Gannon on August 29, 2014
General Musings, Salmon, Trout

It’s been a few weeks since I took myself back to basics with some traditional trout fishing on the Wharfe. I’ve been rather preoccupied trying to winkle a salmon out of the Ribble, Lune and Eden – and I’m rather sorry to say that the results have been less than successful, well to be brutally honest they have been disastrous.

So rather than work myself into a frenzy of absolute demoralisation, on Wednesday I took myself off down the river with my fishing buddy in pursuit of the staple diet of the fly fisherman, the Brown Trout.

It’s rather late in the season and I wasn’t feeling too confident, nevertheless we toddled off to a beat that I’ve never really fished in anger, simply because I’ve been too bloody complacent to try somewhere new.

It wasn’t exactly easy fishing, and it was a case of ring the changes regularly as the fish seemed to be switching fly allegiance with gay abandon, not helped by a chilly mild east wind (usually the grim reaper of fishing). However I’m pleased to say that I have a damned good and enjoyable time, catching a bucketful of quality trout and a young grayling.

Of particular fun was a zoo creature that decided to take me 25 yards downstream and across to the far bank on its initial blazing run before I bullied it to the net. Sometimes it just happens and the fish switch on with me and I can’t go wrong. I lost as many as I caught and had some real fun, including a bugger of a fish that I saw keep chasing the fly (after having initially risen vertically through the water layers to shun the fly at the last minute). After enticing it 3 times without a take (it was a fair size fish too) it finally hit the fly and I managed to lift too early and spook it for good.

Eventually tiredness and back ache kicked in and we called it a day, one of the best of the season so far. Completely out of the blue it provided some great sport and reaffirmed some confidence in my abilities after the complete lack of salmon so far this year.

Tomorrow however, as it’s been raining hard today, I’m expecting a lift in the river and I may well find myself with the double hander back on the banks of the Ribble. I never learn!

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