Posted by Craig Gannon on July 17, 2014

I had a nice evening today with my friend down the river. Very relaxing and very frustrating. A very beautiful typical English summers evening, baking hot, breath of wind and not a soul about.
We went to a part of the river that we’ve not fished for ages, and given that there’s been no rain the river was in fine form, a few rising fish, a few flies coming off, and as expected the fish languishing in the faster or deeper water.
You would have though both of would have bagged up, but just the opposite – it was really tough! I reckon that the fish are struggling for air, food and peace as the season has gone on. Just as usual, it gets flogged and the fish get more faddy.
Luckily I managed to pull this beggar out, big head, lean body (well in need of food) – in full battle colours it would have run a good 2 pounds, lean as it was if probably dropped half a pound. But just look at the size of the head and it’s gnashers!

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