Day One ….

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 28, 2016
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Day one of the new trout season, and it wasn’t exactly an auspicious start, very cold, windy and a high river with a peaty tinge to it. However it was good to get out and cast a fly again, and although it was potentially the worst conditions that I have experienced at the start of the season I did manage to winkle out a suicidal trout. There wasn’t a fish in sight, and God only knows what the lunatic trout was doing eating my fly, however it was good to feel a fish on the line.

As I sit typing this in, it’s now pouring down and blowing a gale. About 4 degrees, low air pressure (970) and a cold wind. Lovely. Welcome to the 2016 season and the start of the season. It can only get better.

Where did the Year Go, and Here We Go Again!

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 17, 2016
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Rather remiss of me not having posted anything for a number of months here – it’s not for any other reason than I’ve simply forgotten!

Last thing I reported was the mouse attack – well that was months ago. Since then the storage has been made as mouse-proof as possible, I invested in some new waders, cleaned up a lot of the mousey-smelling stuff (nasty little buggers) and the 15-16 season was off.Without boring you all, it was interesting – probably the worst season weather-wise for years. The rivers were mostly on their backsides with no flow at all (amazingly the salmon still ran), and then towards the end of the year we have had the floods. All in all it was pretty poor. The fly hatches were down from last year – I cannot remember any useful Sedge hatch at all last season, and the Olive hatches were sporadic to say the least. I went out many times expecting to take fish from the top, only to have to go deep – which (let’s be honest) isn’t as much fun at all.

All in all – it could have been a very poor season, but – I did manage to winkle 2 salmon out of the Ribble (both at the back end of the year), putting that into perspective – that was over 20 trips, I suppose a fish every 10 trips isn’t too bad! Nothing out of the Eden at all – and that’s something that I want to put right this year. I did (however) see many wonderful things such as red squirrels and otters – and that’s one of the wonderful things about fishing. I also learnt a hell of a lot as I am still a novice when it comes to salmon fishing and it was a very instructive season. I wonder how that will affect the new 2016-17 season’s catches? 

Trout-wise I only hit the Wharfe 13 times last season (my worst turn out ever), primarily due to the crappy weather, work commitments and me putting the emphasis on salmon. Not a great return – only 29 trout and 5 grayling, I know that it’s not a numbers game, but it’s still a paltry return for the season, I actually nearly caught as many trout on the Ribble as I did on the Wharfe, most of them on salmon flies!

The trout season starts on Good Friday (a week tomorrow). The salmon season is off and running already. This weekend I will try to tie up the Spiders ready for the Wharfe, and (weather permitting) I may try to have a week of fishing Easter week. I have to say that I looking forwards to it. Here’s hoping!

So – here we go for 2016. I promise to post on the blog more regularly (not necessarily fishy things), and although I appreciate that no bugger ever read sit, it’s good for me to capture my thoughts as the season progresses – quite therapeutic!

2015 Beckons – Mice Beware

Posted by Craig Gannon on March 24, 2015
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The trout season starts tomorrow, and the salmon season has been open for a few weeks. so it’s all get ready for this year’s onslaught.

True to form I will be venturing out down the Wharfe as soon as possible, and planning a trip to the Eden at Langwathby on Sunday, but (almost destined wasn’t it) the weather is planning gales and rain. 

However, a subtle twist to this year, Mice + Fishing Gear = Disaster. The evil little buggers had found a home in my garage. Therefore bye bye Simms Chest Waders and Bye Bye Snowbee wading jacket.

There is now so much poison in the garage that (provided that you can dance around the traps) make it is now a very un-rodently  place. Long may it stay that way. All the gear is now stowed away in mouse-proof containers, not pretty but very practical. If only I can remember where everything is?

Here we go !!!!!!!


Posted by Craig Gannon on July 17, 2014
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I had a nice evening today with my friend down the river. Very relaxing and very frustrating. A very beautiful typical English summers evening, baking hot, breath of wind and not a soul about.
We went to a part of the river that we’ve not fished for ages, and given that there’s been no rain the river was in fine form, a few rising fish, a few flies coming off, and as expected the fish languishing in the faster or deeper water.
You would have though both of would have bagged up, but just the opposite – it was really tough! I reckon that the fish are struggling for air, food and peace as the season has gone on. Just as usual, it gets flogged and the fish get more faddy.
Luckily I managed to pull this beggar out, big head, lean body (well in need of food) – in full battle colours it would have run a good 2 pounds, lean as it was if probably dropped half a pound. But just look at the size of the head and it’s gnashers!